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"A Little Bit About Us"

The business name came about from the first and middle name of the guy who started the business, Jesse James Reisinger.  We worked for him for a few years and then in 2012 he and his family decided to move to North Carolina.  That gave us the option to either find new jobs or buy the business, well we obviously bought the business. We kept the name because Jesse had built a pretty good name for himself in the area and also because you gotta admit, it's pretty catchy. 


Adam Blumenschein / Owner
PA HIC# 097483

I graduated from West Perry High School in 2002.  After graduation, I studied Electrical Engineering at HACC only to realize this field was not for me.  I wanted to get my hands dirty.  Since then, I have had a multitude of different positions in the construction field ranging from Communication Towers to working for a local custom home builder.  After becoming owners of the business with Justin, I married my wife Sarah in 2014 and have had 2 little girls since then.  In my free time I enjoy family time, just about anything that has to do with firearms, hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends.  My favorite part about what we do is seeing the transformations we create.  Some of the before and after pics speak for themselves.  Its just awesome to see that end result!


Justin Morret / Owner
PA HIC# 097483

I graduated from West Perry High school in 2002.  After high school I started working in the concrete construction field and have been working in some type of construction ever since.  I am married to Amy, who is our office manager and together we have 3 beautiful little girls.  When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with them, hunting, fishing, camping, or just being outside and enjoying our patio.  Besides being on the job site everyday and getting dirty, my favorite part of the business is meeting new people all the time and building relationships.